Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome Back to D.A.T.A.!

Welcome back to another wonderful year at De Anza Academy of Technology & the Arts!  Miss Lukins is excited to embark on another fun-filled year of learning with her new batch of scholars in Room A-4!  This classroom blog highlights student learning and technology and art driven projects aimed at inviting students to think critically and experience literature and history firsthand.  Enjoy a few "sneak peeks" of projects to come below and enjoy the school year!
Photo taken by Nick K. 7th grader of Photography Club 2012-2013

Click on titles or images for more detail about each project:


History Alive! Medieval Europe Video Newscasts

Connecting with Common Core - 

GMO Socratic Smackdown! Collaborative Discussion  & Class Debate:


Silk Road Animaps (Animated Maps)


The Fall of the Roman Empire Project-Based Learning Community Service Project:

My Silk Road Journey

"Hire me as your next samurai!" Project:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Au Revoir Renaissance-style!

Students said farewell to the year dressed in Renaissance attire emanating the eminent people they studied for their final project!  Renaissance authors, artists, scientists, church reformers, kings/queens, and explorers came alive as students presented in first person their eminent people and accomplishments!  Classmates enjoyed each other's lively presentations while evaluating the BEST presentations by writing compliments on "Oscar awards" to hand out to their peers at the end! What a fun way to end the Renaissance Faire Project and the school year--Click here to see the Renaissance Revival Faire Day photos too!