Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fun with Independent Reading Books - Characterization Coggles!

Making inferences based on five types of indirect characterization...Coggle-style!  Students create a Coggle mind map explaining how a character in their independent reading book exhibits the 5 types of indirect characterization!  Thank you, to my donors, who helped fund my classroom this year to purchase a few new class library books!

K-9 Unit Visits 7th Graders!

K-9 units began in the Roman Empire...and seventh graders make a plan to support our police officers and canines too! 🐶 👮 ‬Seventh graders enjoyed a visit from a Ventura police officer and his K-9 dog and enjoyed learning about the background and process of our community K-9 units!  A team of 7th graders organized their community service project to support police K-9 units in our community and even gave the policeman a glowing plaque, which they handmade in their Makerspace class!

To Fall or Not to Fall? - Fall of Roman Empire PBL Presentations

D.A.T.A. scholars in Room A-4 did a phenomenal job giving group oral presentations answering the driving question to our "Fall of Rome" Project-Based Learning unit:  What factors cause a civilization to fall and how can it be prevented?  Performing in collaborative teams, students reported on their top three reasons Rome fell, they encouraged the audience with a community service project idea created by their team, and finally they reflected on how this project could help prevent America from a fall like that in Rome.  Presentations included creative attention-grabbers, skits, songs, artistic posters, games, VTS discussion, audience interaction, online presentations, videos, trailers, lego stop motion animation, newscasts, interviews, community involvement, live animals, and more!  What a fun day and a great way to celebrate and share student learning and success!  Enjoy photos from student presentations below: