Wednesday, March 14, 2018

CHOPPED Competition for World Geography!

Students excitedly participated in a simulated "Chopped" competition, in which teams of four had to research regional foods of a civilization studied in World Geography this year. They had 15 minutes to create a "meal idea" with at least 4 main regional foods grown and/or eaten in their civilization, construct a Google Slide to present their meal idea with an enticing explanation, and post their idea to our Google Classroom Collaborative Group for other students to comment and vote on the best meal!  Then, as part of our cross-curricular GMO PBL, students brainstormed how to insert a modern-day GMO into their meal to address the problem in their civilization (Example:  drought-resistant corn to address drought in the Mayan Empire).  Check out the creativity below!

Class Debate - Genetically Modified Foods

For the whole class debate on GMOs, the students chose a role as either a speaker or listener.  Speakers argued with evidence-based research the "Pros" and "Cons" of genetically modified foods, while listeners commented on speakers' persuasive strategies and arguments on Today's Meet.  Enjoy the collegial discussion below!

GMO Socratic Smackdown!

Students practiced their debating skills by participating in a Socratic Smackdown on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)!  In tables of four, students took turns being the "Ref" taking points on discussion strategies and "Verbal Fighter" arguing the benefits and concerns of GMOs.  Students earned points for agreeing/disagreeing, asking questions, connecting classmates' thoughts, playing devil's advocate, and citing evidence/statistics to support their arguments!  Enjoy some sneak peeks below:

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Shark Tank GMO Activity!

Simulating the popular TV show “Shark Tank” today as entrepreneurs argue for a GMO that could help humanity, “sharks” invest their “shark bucks” in GMOs with strong arguments, and class votes using DYKNOW! 🦈 💵